After a very busy year PARKdesigned let their hair down for a day of activities in Leeds for their Christmas celebrations. The festivities started with a meal at Ricci’s Tapas in Leeds. The newly opened restaurant treated PARKdesigned to a fantastic meal ready for the team game. For this, PARKdesigned were locked in a room from which they had to escape at ‘tick tock unlock‘. The live escape game was called ‘Blueprint’ where a conspiracy theorist and a renowned history professor has vanished under mysterious circumstances. After a lot of fumbling and some guessing, PARKdesigned managed to escape from the room with 8 minutes to spare, apparently better than the average team!

A well earned drink and game of mini golf followed the locked in the room at Roxy ball roomLeeds. The mini golf game was a bit haphazard at times with certain staff members balls going astray. The game was eventually won by Edward on the last hole.  The evening was finished off with a few drinks at Friends of Ham until the early hours.

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James Park