Ed Park has reviewed the Leeds Beckett School of Art, Architecture and Design’s end of year show for the Architects Journal. The review provides an insight into what delights were experienced on the opening night of the end of year show from DJ’s to food stalls. Due to the distractions of the opening night Ed Park revisited the show to gain a better understanding of the students work and had a tour with the respective tutors.

The article begins…..

‘I arrived at the opening night of the exhibition with great anticipation and excitement. The studio was crowded and the hipster DJ had the evening in full swing – quite a departure from my end-of-year show many years earlier. I immediately felt part of the scene.

My initial thoughts as I drifted around the space were that this was a complex exhibition with a riot of information, some of which was presented in ever more confusing ways. However, what was apparent throughout the work was that theoretical and social agendas dominated the schemes. Whether these were believable or not is another question.’

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James Park