PARKdesigned were devastated to see the extent of the flooding in our area over the festive period. The flooding that occurred in Kirkstall is a stones throw away from our Leeds office. The River Aire at Leeds Crown Point, usually at a height of 0.9 metre had risen to 2.95 metres at 1am on Sunday. Its previous high was 2.45 metres recorded in June 2007. Unfortunately, flooding scenes like this are becoming more and more familiar. There have been innovations in architecture such as ‘AMPHIBIOUS HOUSE’ by Baca Homes that helps prevent a private residential home located next to the river Thames from flooding. On a larger scale something needs to be designed and developed to help stop the devastation that occurs.

PARKdesigned have previously provided flood damage assessment and should you require any advice please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Aerial pictures over the Kirkstall Road area of Leeds, show where the River Aire has burst its banks. Picture: Ross Parry Agency

James Park