Kent Wildlife Trust held an open international competition for a Nature and Wellbeing Centre in Sevenoaks.  The competition ran by RIBA sought registered architects and architect-led teams worldwide to put forward designs for a flagship £2 million visitor centre at Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve in Kent.

PARKdesigned  desire was to create an experience that is not just of the building or nature alone, but of the two together. Our concept was to create a “Nest” floating among the reeds. We ensured that sustainability, the impact of the materials and construction methods were central to our design. The resulting building does not strive for instant impact visually and neither does it shout out from the tree tops. It sits comfortably within the landscape and enhances its surroundings. The simple plan and materials chosen emphasise its sustainable and low impact approach and blend well into the surroundings.

Unfortunately PARKdesigned were not shortlisted but we wish good luck to all the shortlisted practices for the Sevenoaks Nature and Wellbeing Centre.

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James Park