Love architecture

PARKdesigned this weekend are celebrating Love architecture festival with a community project in Wortley Leeds.

How does your garden grow?

One of Leeds fantastic community gardens in Wortley has been given an enormous pile of free bricks and they need your help to figure out what to build with them. As part of Love Architecture Festival, you are invited to come and have fun making models, drawing your ideas, sketching plans with architects and gardeners, all for free. What would you build, a lookout tower, a fancy wall, a shelter from the sun and rain, the biggest and strongest garden shed? Bring your ideas, we will look after the rest and who knows your project might get built. 

Where : New Wortley Community Centre, 40 Tong Road, New Wortley, Leeds, LS12 1LZ

When: Saturday 29th June at 10:30am

The project is in association with Love architecture festival 2013IBSTOCK and Leeds City Council

James Park